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Offering Busy People

A New Way To Put Dinner On The Table

Delicious home cooked meals are a few clicks away at

We are proud to introduce Offering a delicious array of takeout options for those on the go.

How To Order

1) Go To Our Menu Page

2) Choose From Items From Salads, Entrees, Vegetables, Desserts, Vegetarian and/or Bread & Rolls

3) Select (Click on) Item To Choose Serving Amount

4) Serving Amounts Range From 1 - 2 Servings To 7 - 10 Servings

5) Entrees and Other Dishes Can Be Picked Up Hot & Ready To Eat or Cooked and Freezer Ready To Heat n Eat At A Later Time.

6) Add Items To Cart, View Cart and Check Out To Complete Order (Filling In Customer Information)

7) Then Place Order - Payment Is Due At Time Of Pick-up At The Dairy Center Restaurant

For Same Day Pick-up - Order By 10:00am - Pick-up By 7:00pm

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